Monthly Archives: January 2012

(possibly). I still need to run this by Martin, but I am completely taken with these invites. there is a very good chance of my re-creating these:

{rifle paper co.}


they would be hand painted (at least the first set, likely reproduced) and they give me the best feeling. there is a disney movie called once upon a wintertime that I used to watch when I was little. it has these same old-fashioned painted characters and i’ve always adored it. I even recently bought bella a book of classic disney movie tales all painted in this fashion.

it’s not exactly my original idea, or in the theme I was envisioning, but I think bringing in the color scheme will change that.

perfect : )


yes, it’s my favorite website.

and yes … I will indeed be wearing green wedding shoes.

{1} {2} {3} {4} {5}

and, though they’re not green, they’re in the running:


dad is going to help me (or i am going to help him, rather) build a sort of arbor for the ceremony. i’m going to start collecting ideas for that, as well as start thinking of colors.