-dried flowers

-bride & groom all ivory


Image Image

-wooden numbers

-eclectic small vases from goodwill, etc.

-fruit name cards

-white linens


-old metal mailbox for cards





Now that we are coming up on the one year mark, a lot of the ‘inspiration’ and ‘ideas’ are becoming plans. It has been a while since I’ve put this blog to use, but now that the countdown has begun (so to speak) I’ll have to get the ball rolling again.


The first thing to put into action will be save-the-dates. I need to get back to it with those this weekend. I would like to send those out a year before the wedding.

We are also thinking about doing something on the 21st. A pre-anniversary … something … Martin called it. I love that idea : ))

(possibly). I still need to run this by Martin, but I am completely taken with these invites. there is a very good chance of my re-creating these:

{rifle paper co.}


they would be hand painted (at least the first set, likely reproduced) and they give me the best feeling. there is a disney movie called once upon a wintertime that I used to watch when I was little. it has these same old-fashioned painted characters and i’ve always adored it. I even recently bought bella a book of classic disney movie tales all painted in this fashion.

it’s not exactly my original idea, or in the theme I was envisioning, but I think bringing in the color scheme will change that.

perfect : )